Sunday, November 25, 2007

Geography Rocks!

Ok, if you came earlier, the widget sucked. It doesn't fit on my screen because I didn't realize it was the whole game and not just a linked logo. If you want to try the game (or any of 13 other variations involving specific continents, regions, photos, or flags) click here. On my first try, I was able to finish the 11th round before not scoring enough points to advance to the last round. My traveler IQ was 117. Try to do this on a larger monitor because the smaller monitors (like those on laptops) make this map too small for good accuracy. I haven't tried it on my desktop yet, so I don't know how much my accuracy would improve with a decent screen size.

I tried this on the desktop as well. The map doesn't get any bigger and that's the biggest problem. Try pinpointing a couple of islands in the middle of the Pacific when you can't actually see any islands. Love any of the questions about Ireland. The crosshairs are the same size as the Island and you can't get more than 100 km or so from the spot by clicking on the middle of the island.


Chris said...

I knew I was in trouble when in the sixth level I started getting taunts such as "You do know this is earth, right?"

I managed to eek my way into the eighth level, where I tragically placed Papua New Guinea in South America. Traveler IQ 102.

FYI everybody: you can get a full screen to play this on (without a Facebook account) here:

Courtney said...

I made it to the 10th level, but then they started throwing small African countries at me and it was just sad. You know it's bad when your flag isn't even on the right continent.

Fun quiz!

Jacob said...

When I got the code for that, it told me it was a widget, so I was thinking logo and link. Wrong. If you want to see the full map (and have options to narrow the quiz to country, continent, region, flags or photos) go to Chris's link only does the general quiz.