Saturday, April 12, 2008

Experimentation Is Freaking Awesome

It's not much but K and I did the Great Chicken Wing Experiment today. It's odd that I feel a bit guilty about eating chicken wings when I don't usually feel bad about eating meat, but considering that every fourth piece signified another dead chicken, we went through a good ten or twelve chickens doing this experiment. Of course, with every chicken breast sandwich eaten, there's two chicken wings left over, so it's not like there are a lot of chickens getting wasted just for their wings.

(If you're confused by my chicken-wing math, each chicken produces two breast filets and four "wings". The actual wing has three segments. The end segment is pretty much worthless except for stock, but the middle and shoulder segments are fine.)

We basically had the old-fashioned fried wings (no breading) with the butter and hot sauce coating along with wings marinated in teriyaki with freshly grated ginger, jerk, some low country seasoning, and an herbed key lime marinade. We invited my parents and sister over for spinach-salad with homemade dressing, chickens wings and fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple). The wings were pretty good. This was a fairly low-brow culinary experimentation, but it's always fun. K's salad wasn't half bad either.


Julie said...

So... was there an actual experimentation? Because it seems pretty straght forward.

Jacob said...

For me, yes there was experimentation. I'd never done wings before, so that in itself was expermental. Plus, I had no idea if the marinade ideas would work at all (especially considering they were going to be dumped into a deep fryer after marinading). I now know that a couple of those combinations will turn black in the fryer, but won't taste burned.

My usual experimentation involves turning mead, garlic and mushrooms into a sauce, or seeing if I can made a beer seasoned with tea leaves. That doesn't leave me a lot of time to work with "normal" foods.

Mickey said...

Sounds delicious.

Chris said...

I've considered trying homemade wings, just because. I probably wouldn't be so creative though -- just test out a (not-so-)hot sauce.

But I don't own a deep fryer and have no intention of buying one.

Courtney said...

Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy.

Anyone? Anyone?