Friday, April 11, 2008

I Almost Slipped Up

I'm writing this at nearly 2:30 p.m., incredibly late by my standards, despite my typical early evening posting. Usually, I roll into work before 8 a.m., start up whatever episode of This American Life I'm on in the archives, eat my breakfast and brew my tea. After that I usually knock out any pressing work that needs to be done for the day before launching into the day's blog post. Only after finishing up that will I look at that growing stack of ungraded assignments and likely decide to put them off until another day and read the news instead.

The big delay between writing and posting comes from the fact that I have no way to access Blogger while on the school network. Blogger is banned. Bad Blogger, you naughty monkey, you. I have to finish up with the school day and practice before I can finally get home, read over the post, and click the publish button. It being Friday, it'll only be an hour or two before I get to post this because we almost never have practice on Friday (ed. note: We actually went out to eat and saw a movie, so I actually got to this much later than normal). This will become the standard instead of exception sometime this month when we crash out of the state playoffs and my afternoons return to me.

I don't have anything else to muse over at the moment. I came to work today thinking that I had a day's cushion (some days I write two or more posts in an orgy of linguistic production), but realized somewhere around lunch that I had, in fact, deleted the post I had intended for today after realizing it was a topic I'd discussed on the comments of someone else's blog. I think the post may have stated my point a bit more clearly and completely than the last time, but it really didn't need to be revisited. Sure, that kind of woman sets feminism back at least four decades, but who cares about feminism anyway?


Julie said...

Wow. It only took you four months to completely devolve. Tired of posting every day, are we?

Jacob said...

This isn't the first time that I've gone through a brief spate of short posts and forced topics. They almost always happen during weekends when I find myself occupied with other activities.

I'll be back into the usual flow in a couple of days.

Mickey said...

So this was a post about posting? Okay.