Friday, June 22, 2001

Sorry, I never got around to writing that thing about my retirement last night. I decided to read instead. I'm reading Harry Turtledove's How Few Remain. Turtledove writes alternative histories and this one is written as if the South had won the civil war (he wrote another about that topic) and have gone back to war against one another about 20 years later. His use of famous historical characters kind of takes away from the story I think, but his storytelling is good enough to make up for it.

Now to the real reason for this post. I had an unusual dream last night. I dreamed that some friends and I were driving somewhere on the interstate. I can't remember who exactly, but as we passed under one of those large green signs that hang over the interstate around the larger cities, I noticed a woman hanging from the sign. I thought she was dead, but when we came back by, I noticed her flopping around a bit. The strange thing is that she was wearing only her bra, panties and ice skates. Another weird thing is that the undergarments were in the style of a 1940s pin-up girl. And why she was wearing ice skates in Atlanta, GA, I'm not sure. But after the second time we pulled off at the next exit and I ran to telephone at the McDonald's and called 911. (Luckily, I had 35 cents in my pocket.) I don't remember much else.

My dreams are usually vivid and complex and I dream in color. I actually wish that I could keep track of them better so I could keep the detail clear when I write about them. The only problem is that I am a lover of my sleep and if I awoke after a dream, making myself awake enough to write the dream down would be sacrilegious.


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