Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another Shorty

I'm still running that fever and feeling too tired to think about writing a decent post, so I'll leave you with this: The human immune system is perhaps the most flawed biological system ever. I mean most of the symptoms of illness, even many of the lethal ones, are entirely your dumbass body trying to kill off the invaders. Think the appendix is an argument against intelligent design? Try thinking about the immune system a little too much instead.


sid said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Mickey said...

Happy late birthday
Sorry you were sick for it
Hope you're better now

When I realized I was just a couple syllables from a haiku, I went for it. Consider it your present.

Jacob said...

Your words do not make
A true classical haiku.
More like senryƫ.

Courtney said...

Twenty-eight year old
Jacob just as full of shit
As Jacob of yore.

Jacob said...

I'm just saying, a true haiku isn't just the rules about the syllables, but it also has to include a reference to the seasons and usually refers to nature in some way.

I wasn't the one who was going around posting all my comments in pseudo-haiku. Personally, I think you post in haiku or senryu and you've just opened yourself up to ridicule (and posting your ridicule in the same form doesn't count because mimicry is a fine form of mockery.

Mickey said...

And I knew, I effing knew, that there would be a correction in my inevitably flawed style forthcoming. Predictable, Jacob.

(Spring) Fuck you, buddy
It's haiku if I say so
So suck a glacier

Jacob said...

That was perfect, Mickey. Thanks for giving me a good chuckle. If I could actually breathe at the moment, I may have guffawed.

Plus, despite your tone, you show quality evidence of learning, which is quite the rewarding and unusual experience for me.

Chris said...

Excellent, a haiku-off.

What? Oh, no I'll just watch. Thanks.