Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing To See Here, Folks

There won't be deep insights or general wackiness in today's post. Sorry, losers. We went to the beach yesterday and hung out this morning until I had to get back to tennis practice. We spent the night on Jekyll Island. We didn't get there until after dark, but we still took E out in the stroller to walk on the beach a little. It had been in the 80s yesterday, but it was really windy, so it was a little on the cool side, but not enough to be uncomfortable. This morning, we arose just after sunrise (K took a really good picture from our motel room balcony of the sun rising over the ocean that I may post here a little later) and took another walk on the beach, this time being able to actually see where we were going. Unfortunately, it started raining not long after we began our walk. The rain gods let us get far enough down the beach that we were soaked by the time we got back to the hotel to pack up and check out.

After that, it was off to St. Simon's for breakfast at Fourth of May (check it out if you're ever out that way) and walking around some of the shops in the area around the lighthouse. We headed for home around noon so I could make the 2 p.m. practice back home.

Perhaps the two coolest sightings of the trip (besides several wood storks in the marshes along the causeway connecting Jekyll to the mainland) was seeing an otter trying to cross the road and the dead sturgeon on the beach. During our walk along the beach, just prior to the rain starting up, we saw a rather large, dead sturgeon. Why is the cool? I don't know. Sturgeon are just cool looking fish and it's rather unusual to find large dead things on the beach there. As for the otter, we almost ran it over. It came out of the scrub along the sides of the road at a sprint (for an otter) and apparently didn't see us until almost too late. My dad had already swerved to miss it, but it cut a U-turn just before it was too late. I'm glad we missed it; I would have felt like crap knowing that I was accomplice to ottercide, but it was really cool to see an otter in the wild outside of Alaska.

We're actually thinking about going back for spring break to take one of the sea kayak tours through the marshes, rivers and creeks between the barrier islands and the mainland in the area. I loved kayaking around Resurrection Bay the two times I've done that, and I'm looking forward to trying it through the unfamiliar parts of a place I spent a lot of time at as a child.


sid said...

1stly I hate you because you get to spend a normal working day on the beach. 2nd reason for hating you is that you managed to spot an otter crossing the road.

Julie said...

I share your excitement over the otter. I feel really bad because I got so excited about getting to see one last time we were in Florida. Not bad, except that it was being eaten by a gator. I guess our otter had a worse day than your otter.

Mickey said...

Julie wins.

I need to find the time to come down your way. Kayaking around the coast sounds like a lot of fun.

Jacob said...

It's not a normal working day here. All government and bank employees had the day off as well as a lot of office workers. It's President's Day, yo, although I understand that South Africans have no reason to celebrate American presidents.

Courtney said...

Otters are cute. That's pretty much all I have to say about that.