Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog

My dog caught a dove this morning. I'm not exactly sure how he managed this feat. Doves are fast-flying birds that can break Interstate speed limits and dogs… well, dogs aren't. The dog that did the killing is a bit of a beast. He's a full mongrel, part chow, part bulldog, part several other assorted breeds, and, honestly, he's getting a little chubby. I'm not talking about the walking hairy ticks that most people associate with fat dogs. That's morbidly obese for a dog. I'm talking about having to dig a little to feel his ribs, but he looks relatively svelte still.

Besides, this is a big dog. He's not a Parson Russell Terrier doing backflips to snatch a bird out of the air like a caracal. This is a big 70-lb. dog with very little gymnastic training.

Unless he's taking lessons behind my back while I'm at work. I'm not sure where he's getting the money for it, though.

I really should start keeping track of my wallet better.


Mickey said...

Awesome clip.

Also, I love a dog that still holds on to its predatory dogness, as long as it doesn't see me as prey.

Meaghan said...

Apparently, our new dog thinks she can catch squirrels, and according to Chris, she came pretty darn close the other day. Sadie only runs toward an animal to play - she has definitely been taken over by domestication!

Chris said...

Great video. I'm pretty sure that's not how your dog did it.

You certain he didn't find the bird already dead?