Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Think You Guys Misunderstood Me

A few days ago I brought up the game Travian and apparently only one of you joined. I know this because the link I used would have earned me in-game benefits had you joined. I think you didn't catch my subtle drift. Join or die! I don't care if you play (although Mickey with his new love of free online gaming could make use of this.) Just register with this link play for a couple of days to get your population over 75 and never play again if you don't want to. Try to sign up on server 6 though. Just register for my sake... and that of the children. They need you. I need you.

And I obviously had nothing to write about today, but seriously sign up for the game.


Julie said...

You sneaky online consumer whore. Why didn't you just ask? Sneaking around only highlights your addiction.

Come to think of it, though, I would not sign up if I had to actually play the game, so I guess your only option was to try to trick me into thinking it was super cool so that I would want to play and then earn you credits.

This does not absolve you of your sin.

Mickey said...

Really, man? What is this like the gaming version of a chain letter or something?

Jacob said...

No, Mickey, it's not even close to a chain letter. I don't care if you forward this information or not. This is much more like a pyramid scheme. Get your understanding of annoying solicitations right, man!