Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Too Sleepy to Write

E had his first birthday party yesterday and had a wee bit too much sugar, so the little jerk woke up around midnight with a tummy ache and wouldn't go back to sleep for a couple of hours. That means that I didn't go to sleep for a couple of hours either. Unfortunately, we still had guests and I never got around to taking a nap like I wanted, so I'm stuck here digging around for writing ideas.

I did mention my injured hen a while back and how I assumed she'd be dead soon. I was wrong. Instead, her chipper demeanor continued and late last week she resumed laying eggs. That's a good thing. Producing eggs requires a lot of energy and sick hens don't lay, so the fact that she's laid an egg every day since Friday is a good thing. She's eating well, the wound on her neck is showing no signs of the infection that I'd assumed would set in and there's that whole egg thing. I'll probably even move the the two hens out of their temporary digs and back into the larger pen behind the pond sometime this week. I need to find a name for the one missing a chunk of neck skin to sum up her general badassery. I don't usually name chickens, but she may have earned the right.

This post is so worthless that I'm not bothering to read over it, so you'll have to deal with any typos. To make up for it, I'll post portraits of my dogs, Bubba and Bosco.


sid said...

with such inspiring post titles how can i not read the whole thing? you have to make up for this by telling us a story of the most embarrassing thing that happened to you.

Julie said...

I suggest using a multi-dimensional name for the hen. In honor of Mickey's ICW, I've decided you should use the acronym BACH (Badass Chicken Hen).

Plus, also, it can remind you of badass rocker Sebastian Bach who also had a recurring character on Gilmore Girls.

Mickey said...

No, Jacob, this was a fine post. It's okay to just give us a little picture of your life in less than 500 words. We like that sometimes.

Good pictures of your dogs, too.

Jacob said...

Mickey: What you read is actually much more interesting than what was originally published. I remembered the chicken about 45 minutes after I posted this and then went out and took the hour-by-hour description of my day and replaced it with the current second paragraph. Believe me, the apology was appropriate then.

Julie: I like BACH. It also is onomatopoeia for one of the sounds a chicken makes. I bet you didn't think of that.

Meaghan said...

Your dogs are beautiful mutts! Maybe we'll get to actually meet them one day.

Jacob said...

Bubba's a mutt, but Bosco's a purebred English Setter. We still got him for free because no dog that has to be purchased is worth the money you spent on them.

And shelter and rescue don't count as purchases. You're just paying fees for their rescue services. The dog was still free.