Wednesday, May 21, 2008

January 20, 2009: The End of an Error

I borrowed my title from a T-shirt that I find mildly humorous on Northern Sun, but I figure since I posted a link to said T-shirt they'll not mind the idea theft since I offered up free advertising in exchange. It does perfectly sum up today's post though.

As we start seeing an end to the Democratic race for nomination (Obama pretty much has this sewn up save any disastrous scandals), it's beginning to be more fun to think about the general election in the fall where McCain will likely face Obama. I'm pretty sure we can say that McCain has West Virginia already in his pocket. They apparently don't like black people much in the state that separated from Virginia because of the Civil War. A little ironic don't you think? Despite that, Obama could shake up southern states that have recently been solidly Republican in presidential elections.

Still, what I really wish would happen is for Bush to pull an Obasanjo and try to ram through an amendment allowing him a third term, except that I'd like to see Bush succeed instead of failing and then receding peacefully into a civilian life full of accusations of corruption. Sure, I'd like it to turn out that the Bush administration was the most corrupt since that of Ulysses S. Grant, but his being allowed the third term would be even better. First, it would further cement him as a power-grabbing expander of the executive branch, but it would also expose him as the idiot he is even to the more dense voters. I mean, what better chance would the Democrats have this year for taking the presidency than having the language-impaired Bush debating publicly against the much more fluent Obama? Sure, Bush managed to beat two Democratic candidates of much higher intelligence during his two elections, but those two had the combined charisma of a volleyball named Wilson. In Obama you get a wonderful combination of intelligence and charisma, something Bush couldn't match. It's true that Bush would take the rednecks of the country wholesale, but Obama never would get those people anyway (unless the Republicans had chosen Alan Keyes of course.) Despite that, I think very few swing voters could stomach choosing Bush for a third term, especially with Obama's personality matching Bush's in magnetism.


Mickey said...

So it's a post about how Bush could make us like him even less? Is that even necessary?

No, I'm just gonna remain satisfied that we'll soon be done with him.

Julie said...

I agree with Mickey. And I will add that it might come back to bite you in the ass in the form of voters who refuse to admit they are wrong. They will have to vote for W thanks to those stupid "W the president" bumper stickers they put on their cars.

Jacob said...

Mickey: No, this is a post that came from me thinking how funny it would be for Bush to pull and Obasanjo. I like that turn of phrase.

Chris said...

I can't back this up, but I get the sense that even Bush is tired of Bush being president.