Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School's Out

As I type this, I'm waiting for the last hour of this school year to slowly slip away until I go home, free until the last couple of days of July. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and maybe mowing the yard a little, but starting Thursday, I don't plan on staying home a lot. Thursday it's off to Atlanta to drop off K and E with her parents so I can traipse off to Chattanooga to meet up with some friends for much beer geekery. I also plan on stopping by REI during that time to check out their backpacking rentals. I want to see if that would be a viable option for my hiking needs this summer. K and I also plan on possibly spending a week up in the mountains around Asheville this summer instead of our planned road trip up to Maine. E's at an in-between stage for traveling right now. A few months ago as long as you fed him on time, he'd sit in his car seat without complaint for an entire trip to Ohio. Now, the four hours to Atlanta is pushing his patience. In a few months, he'll be old enough to be entertained by DVDs and books to make a longer trip, but now we're anchored by his patience because he's old enough to need entertaining, but not old enough to entertain himself. K and I also plan on going kayaking at least once this summer and I plan on spending a week interning as an unpaid assistant brewer at 5 Seasons Brewing in Alpharetta. I'll also probably knock out a few brews of my own at home during the couple of weeks I plan on being here.

That's part of the reason I didn't bother even pretending that I was going to keep up with a garden this summer. The other part is that I'm extremely lazy. My pomegranates and key limes are procreating like crazy, though.

I'll also refrain from guaranteeing getting posts up in a timely fashion. I do plan on keeping true to the Blog 365 goal, but the rules give me enough leniency to make back posts when I am unable to post live. I've got a feeling a few of my plans will keep me away from regular Internet access this summer.


Chris said...

And that is why you should be ecstatic about being a schoolteacher --- at least for the next two months.

The kayaking and stuff sounds cool, but sadly the part that sounds most interesting to me is your week of unpaid interning. Not that I'm specifically interested in beer brewing, but I do think I'd like to spend a week trying some other (much more interesting) line of work to see if I really like it.

As it stands, though, I would have to use my precious paid vacation time to do that.

Jacob said...

I'm looking forward to it as well. I've known the brewer there for a few years and really respects what he does, so it'll be fun even if I turn out not enjoying the work.

I had been considering doing the same thing with the beekeeper/meadmaker at Medovina in Niwot, CO, until I realized I wouldn't be able to make it out there this year. If I end up getting an out-of-classroom job down here for the year after next instead of going to grad school full time, I may do that next year.

Mickey said...

That internship is a cool idea.

I guess we won't be going backpacking this week. Sorry I didn't get back to you about that, but I couldn't say for sure until right about now that I won't have a job to go to instead.

We'll get it done soon, though.

Julie said...

Let me know when you are at 5 Seasons. We will come heckle you if you are allowed contact with the public or at least meet up for dinner one night.

Meaghan said...

Sounds fun. I'm jealous!