Sunday, May 11, 2008

Screw Clinton and Obama. Gravel is Where It's At, Yo!

Not only is Mike Gravel from Alaska, but dude learned the Soulja Boy dance as a campaign tactic. Watch the glorificiciousness:


Chris said...

Not bad. But playing saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show -- now that's how you win a campaign.

Julie said...

Again. I can't watch videos. I reject your post and candidate of choice.

Mickey said...

I could watch this video, but then I'd know what the Soulja Boy dance is, and that's not what I want from life.

Jacob said...

Chris: True. Saxophones are the epitome of rhetoric.

Julie: It's fine that you reject Gravel, but now that in doing so because your lagging technology you are like the denizens of West Virginia who overwhelmingly voted for Clinton because they're too backwards to realize that Obama isn't all black.

Mickey: You'd leave the video without any actual knowledge of what the dance actually is. It's more the humor in watching an old politician trying to dance the latest thing, tongue in cheek. That and he's got a singing voice, as one journalist put it, reminiscent of Lou Reed.