Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thanks Mr. Man (Not His Real Name)

Before you read today's blog, check out this video. It's a really cool graffiti animation that I'm thinking is actually real instead of computer generated given the artifacts left over from each previous frame on the walls. It reminds me of a less creepy Tool video.

The actual purpose of today's post is our handyman. He did some work for my aunt and uncle in the past and when we moved into this house he did a ton of work for us and did it really cheaply. We've had no problems with any work he's done from carpentry to electrical to plumbing and he's walked away from a multi-day job only asking for $150. Actually, I'm not sure this house would be anywhere near the condition it's currently in without him given the fact he's so incredibly cheap compared to the competition.

That's not to say there aren't quirks about the man. I don't think he has a driver's license because of past indiscretions, so his wife drives him when you call him in for a job. She doesn't get out of the car though. She's sat in the car for nearly eight hours in the past and not once got out. Of course she had to drive him to pick up supplies and lunch occassionally, but she never set foot out of the vehicle while at the house. In fact, I was shocked when I went over to my parents' house to poop (the water here was turned off while he worked on our shower faucets) and came back to find her sitting on the chair closest to the door waiting for her husband to finish up. I guess the high humidity and mid-nineties temperature finally got to her. She did manage to stay out there for a couple of hours before caving and coming into the AC.

Still, it's nice to have a guy like that to help us out when the job of keeping a house from caving in surpasses my decidedly meager abilities at maintenance.


Mickey said...

It's hard to find good help. Or maybe it's not; I guess I've never tried.

Julie said...

Once you find an awesome handy man, it's like you're solid gold. I appreciate this short and sweet sentiment.

Chris said...

I think Mickey's right. It's hard to find good help -- especially good, affordable, sober help.