Monday, June 02, 2008

Today's Post Is a Shorty

Honestly, I've spent a large portion of the last two days asleep and haven't been thinking about anything much. Instead, I'm going to post links to other people's photos from this weekend. This list should actually grow over the next couple of days as people get back to their scattered homelands and upload photos. If you get really bored this week, feel free to come back and check.

And it turns out there were about 135 bottles, not 65. I didn't even touch most of them.

I've played this guy online in Wii Mario Kart.

She's one Chattanooga locals.

This guy's photos make me a little dizzy.

This is the first set of photos that show me clearly.

The guy who took these actually slept on the floor next to my roll away bed.


Mickey said...

Did you really see Bret Michaels? Because he was in Knoxville Friday night, so I'd believe it.

JustinS said...

We're totally going to have to play some Wii Mario Kart online soon. Just need to figure out the logistics, etc.

Julie said...

You're a lazy bastard. You know good and well that you could have taken better pictures. Not that I really care, since I only know one person in the photos.