Monday, September 22, 2008

Is It Me or My Teams?

I really wish there were a two-letter synonym for team that I could think of. If there were then today's title would be a six-word string of two-letter words. That'd be nice. Real nice. (You're welcome, K.)

The football teams I root for (Georgia Tech at the collegiate level and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL) kicked some major bootay this weekend, the Jackets stompin' on a Mississippi State team that seemed confused by the fact that they were wearing pads and playing with an oddly shaped ball, and the Falcons making a bad defense look pathetic. Neither game was even close by halftime. I was a happy football fan.

Unfortunately, this also happened two weeks ago when Georgia Tech edged out Boston College (and showed their first glimmers of the fact that Paul Johnson is already working miracles) and the Falcons lit up the Detroit noodle-strainer defense like it was a NCAA BCS Division team feasting on a Div. II cupcake. That doesn't sound too bad until you take into consideration that the week was also a miserable failure of an opening week for my fantasy football teams. I'm in three different fantasy leagues, in one of which I play for beer and the other two just for fun. I lost every game that week and badly at times. I had the joy of seeing my beloved Ramblin' Wreck and Dirty Birds roll to victories contrasted with the soul sucking feeling of watching my carefully crafted fantasy teams play like crap.

Last week both Tech and Atlanta lost (GT getting edged out by Virginia Tech and the Falcons getting handled easily by division rivals Tampa Bay) but I brutalized all of my fantasy opponents.

This week is looking to follow the trend. In one league I have to hope that Nate Kaeding (a place kicker) can score over 40 points by himself. I don't even think Rob Bironas did that last year in his eight-fieldgoal game, so I've already chalked that one up to a loss, taking me to 1-2 on the season. I have a nice lead in my beer trading league, but I have to hope that the other guy's quarterback and two wide receivers can't score 15 amongst themselves tonight. Many starting quarterbacks actually put up 15 point on average per week, so I don't have much hope on holding my lead there, which really sucks. I'm trying to defend my second place finish in that league. The third league is going a little better. My three running backs put up enough points to beat the other guy by themselves so far and Peyton Manning didn't suck for the first time all season. He was actually mediocre on Sunday. The other guy has a sizable lead to make up with something like his tight end left to play, but with my luck and the obvious connection between Georgia Tech and Atlanta's success to my fantasy success, I'm sure his tight-end will manage to match Ronnie Brown's four rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown in his solitary whooping of the Patriots yesterday.

All I know is if this trend of all of one, nothing of the other keeps up, I'm going to end up schizophrenic by Christmas.


Julie said...

It was a good game. I was glad to see that the first wasn't a complete fluke.

Mickey said...


Go Tech. Go Falcons. Better luck with the fantasy crap.