Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Close, Yet So Far

Too bad the Falcons aren't sucking this season. It crossed my mind today that the Bears were in town for a game on Sunday and that I'd already be in the area. Unfortunately, all of the tickets are sold out and I'll be stuck watching the game on TV again. Maybe I'll see if K will let me go visit a few brewpubs instead. Last year I did a bit of a walking/MARTA tour of the Atlanta brewpubs that was kind of fun. The Five Seasons in Sandy Springs has a new brewer, but I'm not sure if he's been there long enough to make a difference in the lineup of beers.

Instead, I'll probably end up taking K and E to a pumpkin patch. That's what K wants to do.


Julie said...

You should have used your weekend in-town to come tailgate the GA Tech game with us Saturday. What a waste.

Jacob said...

I actually thought about it. We could see the stands from the Georgia Aquarium and they looked to be only partially filled. I'm sure we could have scored tickets for that game.