Monday, October 27, 2008

Tina Fey Rocks My Face Off

There has been no shortage of commentary about the MILFiness of Sarah Palin, and it's true that politicians tend not to be so attractive, but what really impresses me is her impersonator, Tina Fey.

Think of all the great women comedians, and there have been a few despite the cliche, and then think of how many of those women would qualify as highly attractive. The number is pretty low. There are a good many who qualify on the positive side of the attractive scale, but qualifiers such as "beautiful" and "hot" wouldn't really apply in the strictest sense. Even more are in the Rachel Dratch category.

Of course this phenomenon doesn't just apply to the women. Comedians tend to be a homely lot, probably because they couldn't get by on looks as a kid. In fact, research done on the faces of male comedians shows that they tend to have more feminine chubby facial features, which suggests they probably couldn't out-jock the jocks for female attention growing up, meaning they had to make people laugh for attention instead.

And I'm not just talking about actors who can play funny. George Clooney can be hilarious when playing the right part. Cameron Diaz is just the same, but they're not writing the comedy they're performing. I'm talking about people whose job it is to actually make the funny.

And Tina Fey is both very hot and very funny. She's probably the funniest writer SNL has had in the last decade (maybe longer) and she really could have pulled an acting career just on looks and acting competence. She's one of those people you want to hate because they got it all and yet you can't find anything to really justify your dislike so you end up caving in and worshiping them like everyone else, kind of like that kid in high school who was the star quarterback, had looks you would have killed for to have, and was a straight A student, but who didn't realize he was supposed to be a jerk so the rest of us could resent his success.


But those photos? That's totally my top five.


Mickey said...

I am utterly stunned that you made it through this post without a single mention of Janeane Garofalo(sp?) and her ultimate hotness. Congratulations on that.

Courtney said...

I'd totally go lesbian if Tina Fey were interested in me.

Jacob said...

Geez, Mickey. I was obviously joking about that being my real top five, so of course I wouldn't mention Garofolo. Your tip off should have been Cameron Diaz. She's hideous without makeup (everything from eyebrows and lashes to lips is the same color under all that pigment) and I could never kiss a woman wearing lipstick.

Courtney: So would this be an on-the-side lesbian relationship so you could keep Mickey too, or are you talking about dumping Mickey and going full on lesbian for Fey? I'd really be sad for Mickey if you left him for Tina Fey (especially if you couldn't score me a job as a writer on her show), but I think he could come to terms with sharing your love with her.

Courtney said...

We'll see what Tina's open to. She's married, so maybe she'd be up for an open relationship thing. But if she wants me all for herself? That would require some serious pondering. I mean, she has a job.

Julie said...

I do not feel a need to hate Tina Fey. I think she's funny and I'm sure that we would be awesome friends if we ever had the occasion to meet.