Monday, November 24, 2008

Does a Bear Poop in the Woods? Yes, he does! And Jacob Does Too.

Did you feel uncomfortable reading that title? Well, good. I didn't feel too comfortable participating in the activity that made that title possible. I, for one, haven't pooped outside of a toilet bowl since I stopped wearing diapers a long time ago. I was terrified of miscalculating and being stuck with shitty pants for 24 more hours. I had a backpacker's roll of toilet paper so I didn't have to worry about which leaves I used, which is good because there really weren't any leaves left in that patch of forest. Oh, did I mention it was cold and rainy? I didn't? Well, let's just say I couldn't feel my ass by the time I finished.

And I was almost killed by a falling tree branch that fell maybe six feet behind me mid process. This hiking trip isn't going as well as the first one.


Julie said...

That's funny. I'm sure you'll get over the pain eventually and mostly I'm just excited that a guy finally understands what it's like to drop trou in the woods when it's cold out. 'Cause that was always the worst part of going camping.

Mickey said...

And you didn't even ask for help! Who's a big boy?!

Jacob said...

I poop solo, thank you very much Mickey.

Julie: Yeah, but girls don't have to try to find their urine exit route when it's cold. I may not have to pull my pants all the way down to pee, but I do have to find it when it's cold and it doesn't like showing up for work when it's that cold.