Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ennui Is Fun

I've been in a really blah mood lately. It's not so much when I'm at home. I've been in a fairly good mood at home, but I've just felt like doing the bare minimum of going through the motions at work. I walk into my room, set some water to boil for tea, fire up Solitaire and Google Reader and I pretend that I'm smart, funny, and pretty. Oh, so pretty. I desperately long to be pretty.

Instead, I'm fat, balding and have a kid who won't stop biting me. I'm not kidding. I bent over to pick a book off of the floor the other day and the little fucker ran full speed across the room just to bite me in the ass. It really hurt. You just don't expect people to run up and bite you on your sitting cheeks when you bend over.

On a happier note, I think he's getting ready to move out. He climbed into the driver's seat of my car this afternoon, told me to shut the door, changed the radio station to something blasting U2, and then waved goodbye. As soon as his legs are long enough to reach the pedals and his arms are long enough to close the car door on his own, he's stealing a car and driving to Des Moines. I do so long for an empty nest and he does so love corn. It really would be the best outcome for both of us, as long as the car he steals isn't the Prius.


Jacob said...

Yep, and after chomping down on my rump, he just walked away like nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Tea Fire!
watch video from witnesses:

Julie said...

Me, too. I am still shaking with laughter as I type.

Kids are weird. Jessica's older girl used to show her love with a headbutt. Soft spot my ass. Her head was hard.

Mickey said...

Bite him back.