Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've Got the Socialism Blues

A stray cat appeared in our carport over the weekend. He's in that stage where he's not quite an adult cat, but he left the kitten stage a while ago. He's a dark brown tabby with white paws and he's rather annoying. Anytime he sees you outside, he sets to mewing, plaintively and constantly.

Actually, I'm a little worried that this cat is a communist because it almost sounds as if he's chanting at us with calls of "Mao! Mao! Mao! Mao! Mao!" I'm a little afraid of what a cat's idea of The Great Leap Forward would be.

It really is a little disconcerting. I step out into the utility room for a beer to to switch over a load of laundry and I'm serenaded with calls of "Mao! Mao! Mao!" I went out to feed the chickens yesterday and it seemed as if the cedar tree itself was calling for the reincarnation of Chairman Mao. I could hear the chant but couldn't see the cat. What's worse is that the feline chanting is so incessant that my son has started mumbling "Mao" to himself every time he sees a cat. He now thinks that all dogs are rednecks (he calls them all Bubba because ours is named that) and that all cats subscribe to the Chinese brand of communism, and that all monkeys are his "mama".

Despite the annoyance and my fear that this cat will try to force me into backbreaking labor on some farm out in the boonies (probably my back yard), we'll likely end up keeping the cat around. We're still having a bit of a mouse problem (one actually escaped one of the glue traps yesterday, leaving behind a patch of gray fur) and a cat really couldn't hurt in eliminating that issue. Actually, if this cat does to the local rodent population what Mao Zedong did to the Chinese, I'm not sure I'd feel even the slightest bit of remorse. Let's just hope that the cat thinks the mice are well-educated or at least rather bourgeois.

And if you're interested in where I got the perfect image for today's post, I got it here. Apparently it's a T-shirt design.


Jacob said...

You haven't been looking at enough baby books yet. Dogs and monkeys nearly outnumber people in that simply drawn world. That and he's been to the zoo (loved the monkeys) and that's not even mentioning the ones he sees on TV.

Julie said...

So are you going to call your new cat Chairman?

Mickey said...

I was wondering where the image came from.

Good post, dude. But are you sure the cat won't eventually subjugate you to the point where you have to flee the mainland and set up your own democratic government on Cumberland Island, only to have the cat perpetually threaten you with the missile batteries he points your way from across the marshland?

Chris said...

I was going for the non-obvious.

Your cat's Communist scheming is no concern of mine.