Friday, November 07, 2008

Kids Are So Not Original

There are a lot of Nirvana and Misfits shirts floating around my high school. I find this a little weird. Kurt Cobain died back when I was in middle school and a lot of these kids weren't even born yet. Wouldn't that be a lot like me walking around in a Wang Chung T-shirt when I was in high school?

As for The Misfits, when I gave them a quick listen about a week ago, they really just struck me as really cheesy Halloween-themed punk rock. They have a really cool logo, but the music was kind of lame. E much preferred the Sex Pistols and the Dead Kennedys.

By the way, if there's any reason to give The Misfits a second chance, let me know. I had a big list of punk recommendations to get through when I first heard them and when the first couple of tracks really sucked, I moved on to the next band. Just give me some exact songs that would give me a better feel for the group if you do. Otherwise I'll just assume you have crappy taste and think liking the band makes you look hip.


Mickey said...

Oh, man. You've completely missed the mark on The Misfits. All I've heard is their early stuff and it's great. It sounds like the bridge between The Ramones and the heavier stuff that would follow, like the Kennedys. Check out the album Static Age, particularly the songs Last Caress and Attitude. Actually, all the songs on that are good and most of them are under three minutes long. Not Halloween-y at all.

Jacob said...

The real question is who performed the most songs to the same music. Was it The Ramones or Wesley Willis?

That guy said...

Mickey's dead on, they put out 2 or 3 albums with Glen Danzig that were really good, Glen left and they went cartoon. Personally, I'm a big fan of Where Eagles Dare.

Mickey said...

Wesley Willis. Ha!

Julie said...

My sister was a big fan of The Misfits back in the day, so I am actually aware of some of their music. Everyone knows I have no shame about my musical preferences, though, so I will keep my mouth shut.

Plus I'm really, really bad about matching song to artist and song/album name.