Monday, December 01, 2008

I Have Mad Skills

In a grand total of three hours, I just reeled off a three-page policy paper and a detailed list of media center policies I'd change and keep if I were the media specialist in charge. I started working at 6 p.m. (because I hadn't been able to combine a working Internet connection and the actual ability to sit down and work on this until then) and clicked the submit button right at 9 p.m. tonight. I was psyched because the paper and list were due at exactly 9 p.m. tonight. Imagine my surprise when the course website told me that I had submitted my paper late at 9 p.m. That makes me not want to give a fuck (which of course I don't, really). If the class web site weren't so freaking slow I would have had several minutes to spare.

This pretty much ends my semester with that course. I'll have to watch a PowerPoint, do a bit of reading and post a discussion comment tomorrow, but that's nothing. I'm just really glad that course is over. It's been a bit of disaster. The students haven't even been able to contact the professor in the class and we've only had one of the three major assignments graded and returned to us even though the second assignment was turned in over a month ago and the class is over this week.

Of course the good news is that all this pain and suffering is worth it. Everyone know that chicks dig male librarians. It drives them absolutely wild when a dude has mastered the Dewey Decimal System and they get a little feverish when a guy can chat about young adult literature with the best of them. If I can just stick it out for a couple of years, I'll be swimmin' in women when K finally wises up and realizes she married a total loser and dumps me for a younger, more ambitious and better endowed man.

That is unless I end up following my latest career whim and go to law school. I wouldn't be as sexy as a lawyer, but I could afford to buy a second car after I paid off my student loans.


Mickey said...

You better work on your bulletin board skillz.

Courtney said...

You're not able to contact your professor? That's totally the kind of professor I want to be -- one that doesn't have to interact at all with students, not even over the Internet.

Mickey said...

I just tagged you for a meme. The rules say I have to notify you, and I'm a rules guy.