Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stupid Weather

I snowed in Houston yesterday and apparently snowed a little in Baton Rouge this morning. You'd think that would mean we'd see flurries Friday in Georgia, but nope. All we get is rain and high winds today, followed by a mildly chilly tomorrow in the sun and a return to normal temperatures for the weekend.

That sucks. I was able to stay home today with strep throat. It would be nice to be able to stay home for a snow day tomorrow. The doctor stuck me in the ass with a needle and shoved a horse pill down my throat yesterday when I paid him a visit so I feel rather fine tonight despite a voice still weakened from the bacterial rape of my larynx.

I hate teaching Shakespeare. I don't even like the guy that much and teaching kids a play with that kind of language when they can barely understand modern English is incredibly painful. It'll be all over by Tuesday, though. Then it will just be finals and freedom (and college bowl season).


That guy said...

Ugh, strep. Got it 3 times in the span of 6 months last year. Not fun. The antibiotical rape from high doses of "z-pack" was worse than the actual strep I think.

And by the way, made good on you tagging me.

Didn't exactly follow the rules though, does this mean I won't be getting a check from Bill Gates now?

Julie said...

I'm sorry you're sick. That's never fun, although I do think your sick terminology is funny.

I, too, am sad about the lack of snow. I remember one year when I was at school, my mom called to ask if I was enjoying the snow day. Nope, I was getting ready to go to class. No snow for me, even though I was further north. Not fair!

Hank Gay said...

I thought they gave you like a polygraph to make sure you loved that Elizabethan hack before they let you become an English teacher.

Courtney said...

It was supposed to snow here last night, but we got freezing rain instead. My car doors were frozen shut this morning, and scraping solid ice off your windshield is a bitch.

Mickey said...

I was never a big fan of Shakespeare either. I appreciate all the guy did for the arts, I just don't think he should be inflicted upon high school students who might be a bit more receptive to works in modern english.

Also, I'm glad the doctor didn't get confused and stick a needle down your throat and a horse pill up your ass.