Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Thought American Politics Could Get Stupid

Apparently a female politician in South Africa is being labeled a racist by critics for saying that new president Jacob Zuma put his three wives at risk of contracting HIV by having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman.

I'm going to ignore anything that may have colored this woman's remarks beyond their actual content. I don't know if she's the Michael Savage of South Africa, but this is far from racist-sounding to me. It's not like she's making any assumptions about the man. He admits to being a polygamist and has three wives. He admitted having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman. Saying that he put his wives at risk of becoming HIV positive is not exactly racist. It's just taking the actions of an individual and questioning his judgment because of them.

Honestly, the fact that Zuma thought he could prevent HIV infection by taking a shower after sex should have disqualified him from office. Actually, the fact that he chose to have sex with a woman he knew to have HIV should have disqualified him. The guy has to make George W. Bush look like Stephen Hawking. Bush may have been a little dim-witted for a president and probably had a far too simplistic world view, but at least he wasn't porking women with life-threatening venereal diseases.

I just hope for South Africa's sake he doesn't end up pulling a Robert Mugabe and running his country into the ground.


Chris said...

Granted, we do have a heated national debate going about whether our president is elitist because he ordered mustard on his hamburger.

Maybe a diversity of voices in the media is not as good a thing as we were taught in journalism school.

Courtney said...

What are you talking about? Showers cure all diseases! I showered after I was diagnosed with swine flu and it cleared it right up.

Jacob said...

But Chris, it was Dijon mustard on a hamburger. The question shouldn't be elitism, but taste.

Julie said...

Unless you're telling others about that moron thing you did as a cautionary tale, you should probably keep your mouth shut.

Jacob said...

As long as you're talking about Zuma and not me with the moron thing, he didn't just volunteer it for the hell of it. It came out during the rape trial.

Julie said...

No. If I had been talking about you, I would have said, "You're a moron, Jacob."

Wait... you haven't had unprotected sex with an HIV infected woman, have you?

A Free Man said...

I don't know, Jacob, I think American politics still wins the silly stakes.

Did you know that Michael Savage got banned from Britain. He's gone even more insane than usual.