Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Two Sheets Were Laid Down to Protect the Oriental Carpets"

I know it's likely that most of you aren't watching the TED Talks I post, but this one you really need to watch. It's hilarious. Just don't watch it in front of people who would be offended by a funny science talk about the orgasm.


Chris said...

OK, so I watched it -- while working on a few mindless tasks for my job, my you.

That video clip of the farmer inseminating the pig was really funny.

And the lady who could "think herself to orgasm" said the last time she did it was on the tram at Disney -- hysterical. It would be incredibly tempting to do it in all sorts of inappropriate and irreverent places. For example, if I were having a boring conversation with some really self-important jerk (which happens from time to time in my job), I'd do it then.

Julie said...

It seemed really important to you, so I listened to it. I was not as fascinated as you are.

Of course, I'm a female so it's likely I would find speeches about farts and boobies less interesting, too.

A Free Man said...

Scientists rule!

sid said...

Mary Roach. OMG. She's one of my favourite authors. She wrote Stiff. Okay ... I'm going to watch this video NOW.