Thursday, June 04, 2009

And We're Off

Well, sort of. K, E and I will head out on the road as soon as we can pack up the car in the morning. After an overnight visit with K's parents, we'll be keeping as ambitious a pace as I can expect a two-year-old to keep. We'll be driving eight hours a day, driven in four-hour segments with a two-hour play/lunch break in the middle. I think I've done more planning for a vacation than I ever have before. I kind of like to do the go-until-I-stop-and-see-what's-there method of travel. However, a kid too exhausted from being strapped into a car seat makes you rethink that model of vacationing. From our frequent travel in the past, we know that E can handle a good four hours at a stretch most days. We also know he'll want space to run, so I've found places we'll try to stop each day that will give him plenty of room to run it out before getting back in the car.

For those of you not in the know yet, all this planning is for our trip to Wyoming to visit fellow bloggers Mickey and Courtney (Prettiest Denny's Waitress and Malfeasance, respectively). This will be my first time west of Missouri in the continental United States and we'll probably drift over the border into Idaho while we're there. I'll be taking along my laptop because I'll have to post assignments for my masters class the whole time I'm on the road, so I'm assuming I'll get around to posting a few photos and travelogue posts before we get back home around the end of the month.

Just don't expect too much from me on this blog over the next two weeks. I'd much rather be out there in the woods risking death by a moose mauling than be cooped up in a cafe mooching free wireless. I can mooch wireless at the Krystal at home. I can't get mauled by a moose anywhere near the Southeast.


sid said...

Have an awesome trip. Drive safely.

Julie said...

Way to set the bar low!

I'm jealous of your trip, though. I would love to go but I'm worse than E. I have to stop every two hours.

Mickey said...

Drive safe and we can't wait to see you guys!

Courtney said...

He's not lying about the detailed itinerary, people. He e-mailed a copy to me and it's practically a dissertation on cross-country driving.

Have a safe trip and we'll see you when you get here. (You can always mooch our Internet access, by the way. We have mobile broadband.)