Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blame It on the Tetons

Today's title is a reference to the title of a Modest Mouse song, although they may have been referring to the boobs and not mountains. Either way, tomorrow morning will see the Tetons and the state of Wyoming at our back. I'm not sure where we go from here other than East. Maybe we'll pass through Montana and South Dakota before drifting back south. Perhaps we'll just take the route we followed in back out in reverse. I don't like planning too far ahead, so we may end up deciding to drop down into Utah instead after we pack up and I push the power button on my car.

It has been a great trip. States and ecosystems I've never seen in person. Seeing just how far a two-year-old suddenly needy for mommy from a loss of routine and home can push my wife before she cracks. Hiking at altitude until I found myself doubled over retching onto the stony earth seconds after reaching my friend's truck at the trail head. Having the sky finally clear for that photo of the Teton range just in time for a sunset photography session.

And I'll feel a little lonely when I leave it all behind.

Photos sometime this weekend.


A Free Man said...

I love that Modest Mouse song. Where do you get breasts from?

Jacob said...

Tetons are a French word, and the French love their boobies. They sometimes even cover their breasts in butter and escargo or cheese and caviar, so when a French trapper sees mountains he calls them breasts.

Courtney said...

We had fun with you guys. Have a safe trip home.

Julie said...

Wow. All that planning for the trip out and none for the return? Let me know how it goes.