Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beer, beer, and more beer

There was a time when I rated almost one new beer a day. Back then I lived relatively close to decent beer stores and bars, but since I moved back to the swamps, getting new beer has been difficult. For the first couple of years I went out of my way to pick up beer every time I went into a reasonable city, but lately it's gotten harder. I didn't try a single new beer in August and I've only had a handful in September and October. Tonight changed that. We rolled into Atlanta today precisely in time for one of my beer geek friends' legendary tastings. Tonight was a small one by his standards. Only about thirty beers. I added about a dozen to my list of life ratings in one night. Of course those dozen tastings added up to about three full beers, but it was more beer than I've had in almost a Year now.

By the way, I'm not bailing on NaBloPoMo, but next week I'll be out on the trail and I won't be able to post Monday and Tuesday. I'll be writing my posts on waterproof paper with a waterproof pen and back dating them when I get in on Wednesday. Today and Sunday I'm posting from my phone so screw proof reading.


Julie said...

See what wonders await you in the big city? Beer.

Anonymous said...

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Sid said...

Posting from your phone? I was never able to do that. Right now my phone crapped out and I can't even use it to send SMSes or make a call. It will cost R600 to fix =(