Saturday, November 07, 2009

Foosball's the Debil

Today featured me spending eight hours on the road for a four hour football game. Frequent commenter Julie and her husband invited me to a Georgia Tech game today. Actually, they invited me and my wife, but my mother-in-law was in town this weekend so Kim had to stay behind while I went off and partied. This is a short post because I want to get to bed now, but here's a list of what I like and what I didn't like about today's blitzkrieg football outing:

I liked:
  • Getting away from home for a bit.
  • Seeing a game at Bobby Dodd Stadium for the first time in years.
  • Being able to scream and yell and jump up and down like you only can when you're in a stadium.
  • That the weather was absolutely perfect for me, especially once the sun went down.
  • Tech winning.
  • Getting to see Julie and Matt and even Courtney and Mickey after the game.
I disliked:
  • The fact that it seemed like the refs were trying to screw Tech out of the win.
  • The fact that Tech required overtime to finish what should have been an easy win.
  • The fact that the gas station in Duluth didn't have sunflower seeds so I had to pop Jolly Ranchers to keep myself alert on the late-night drive home.
  • The fact that I also had to use the restroom of that gas station with a line of impatient people waiting on me. It's bad enough having to use a gas station restroom without having to answer repeated knocks on the door.
I have to say the fact that Wake Forest's defenders seemed to possess an unnatural ability to make tackles while lying on their stomachs with a Tech player sitting on top of them did not fit into either category. It was frustrating watching plays that should have been huge gains end up only going for a yard or two one multiple occasions because these guys kept getting open field tackles while on the ground, but it was impressive to watch. I'm not kidding. Grobe must run a belly tackle drill in practice or something. If Wake Forest's defenders had played the entire game from their stomachs they wouldn't have given up a point.

Screw proofreading. I'm sleepy.


courtney said...

Wow. Putting up a post after you got home shows your undying commitment to NaBlo. Nice.

'Twas good to see you too.

Julie said...

Indeed. I'm impressed that you (1) got home before 2am and (2) put a post up afterward.

Id did seem a rather unfair game - ref wise. We were just plain lucky to pull it off.

A Free Man said...

Whining about the refs is the domain of losers. And Tech fans.