Monday, November 16, 2009

Today May or May Not Be One of Those Days

I'm not sure if my day today sucks or is going well. I tend to read into events early in the day and judge from them whether or not the rest of the day will be good. Then, I continue to believe that the rest of my day sucks or rocks my socks off regardless of the events that actually follow. That is the American way, and I am an American. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, led a revolt against the very same country they helped create, and hired a Hall of Fame college football coach whose name is synonymous with excellence in that sport. You can't get much more "Real America" than that.

But all of that is irrelevant. Being American, I'm also more worried about myself than anything else and here's why my day has so far confused me: My morning didn't suck except that it did. E was in a fine mood. He got up early like he tends to do, climbed in bed with us and narrated Word World for us instead of throwing an hour-long tantrum. He continued to be cheerful and relatively quiet for the rest of the morning. I got ready quickly and without need to rush. K wasn't grumpy. Everything seemed to be setting up for a pleasant day (except for the fact that I was going to work) until I got in the car, pushed the power button, and realized that I had not shaved or eaten breakfast.

Now, the shaving part isn't really a big deal. True, I only shave once a week, so by Monday, I'm getting a little shaggy, but it's never been mentioned in the past when I forgot and there's no facial hair section in the faculty dress code. I just know I'll be a bit self conscious about it all day. The breakfast thing is the real problem. I'm not one of those losers who skip breakfast. Those people tend to be fat. (That's not me generalizing. That's science!) I'm actually overweight, but I have to eat breakfast unless I want to be dizzy and nauseous by 10 a.m. If I skip a meal, it's going to be supper. That one I don't really need. Today, forgetting my bowl of cereal meant I'd have to stop at Krystal. It's the only fast food place close to our route to E's babysitter and our schools and we didn't have enough time to go elsewhere. Of course it could be worse. The Krystal Sunrisers, being on those little rolls, are actually a lot less greasy than most fast food breakfast sandwiches so the heavy lump in the stomach isn't quite as large, but I'd much rather just have had my cereal and been done with it.

Of course now I'm fed and hairy and I just have to decide if the rest of my day will be okay or horrendous. I have to figure this thing out now before my second class of the day because waiting to see what it really turns out to be is just too much suspense. I must create my reality before it happens.


Julie said...

What does Krystal have to do with the South African national anthem? Are you getting paid per click through or something?

Jacob said...

The headline of the anthem article had the word "faux pas" in it. Several of the random links were subtle contextual jokes like that.

I was kind of proud of the revolt link. I think my personal favorite was the shaved link, though.

courtney said...

I want to go to the World Beard and Mustache Championship.

Sid said...

Skipping breakfast makes you fat? Really? Hmmm. I'm big on breakfast. It's just become a habit really. Something my gran aka the undead, insisted on me eating.

Chris said...

Ha, love the Hirsute History link, especially the 80s wrestlers hair T-shirts.