Thursday, December 03, 2009

Masters of the Map

Can you name the Countries of the World? - sporcle

See if you can beat my 126 without practicing first. Don't ask me why I easily remember East Timor but can't seem to remember Austria and Hungary.


Julie said...

I cannot beat you. I only got five African countries which, I'm sure, hurt me against your score.

I will say that my sixth grade social studies teacher would be proud. I remembered Oman is over by the ocean and got an extra point.

courtney said...

Yeesh, I only got 90. That's embarrassing. Some I knew but didn't get them because I was spelling them wrong, like Turkmenistan (not Turkministan.)

Jacob said...

In the future (because you will need this knowledge one day in order to convince a serial killer to spare your live), keep in mind that the people who live in Turkmenistan are called Turkmen. I'm assuming if you just had one of them he'd be called a Turkman.

The weird thing is that for almost all of the stans, you call the people just the part of the word before the stan* (Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen, Kyrgyzs, Kazakhs), but if you do that with Pakistan, it's an ethnic slur, at least in England. You're not supposed to call somone from Pakistan a Paki.

*Actually, this is only true for the ethnic group the country is named after. For example, you can be Kazakhstani and not be a Kazakh. I looked this up to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass.

courtney said...

You're still talking out your ass, because none of that has anything to do with the quiz. You're just spouting off random information.

So are you biznatches coming to my party?

Jacob said...

Yes it does. Knowing that the people are called Turkmen makes it easy to spell Turkmenistan.

Chris said...

Sheesh. My brain went into shutdown mode after the first seven or eight minutes, meaning I only got 79. Boo, me.

Mickey said...

Dang! So close. 118. You have bested me.

(Initially, I typed that as "basted" rather than "bested." I don't want you to baste me.)