Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Baffled King Composing Hallelujah

Photo: Michael Bryan, Flickr Creative Commons

I'm in one of those moods where I really want to write something, but there's just nothing there to send out through my fingers to be converted from a mess of chemicals and electrical impulses to mechanical energy and back to a bunch of electrical energy for you to later convert into something that makes sense to your little wrinkled mass of lipids and proteins. Today's one of those days when I have a targetless yearning. I watched too many videos on Mickey's Vimeo page and I'm wanting to move again. Somewhere mountains are close enough to see and close enough to walk into without making a plan of it. My wife is sleeping off a rough night and early morning with a sick kid and the kid is doing the same. I'm alone trying to keep myself occupied. It's raining outside and after a couple of cups of coffee and a stream of music chosen for the feel, I've hit that emotion of beautiful melancholy. It's not sad. I actually enjoy the mood. It's just that calling it happy or content doesn't quite fit the bill. It's an overcast rainy day when you didn't have anything to do anyway and didn't really want to go out. The rain traps you inside, but the gray skies let the greens on the ground glow. It's beautiful and sometimes you just want days like this.


Julie said...

Don't blame Mickey for your wanderlust. Then again, my moods can be set off by far less. Proceed.

Mickey said...

Hey, I'm just happy you watched my videos. You were in one of them, after all (briefly).

We missed you guys last night. Luckily, our guests did pitch in with consuming some of the vast quantity of amazing beers we had stockpiled. I was ready for you, man.

Hope the kid is doing better.

Jacob said...

Julie: I wasn't really blaming Mickey. It just happened that his videos pulled up those nomadic urges that linger just under the surface normally. They can also be brought up by having too much time to sit and think.

Mickey: Turns out it was good we stayed home yesterday. Evan wouldn't drink until about noon and although he was good yesterday afternoon, we couldn't get him to bed until around 1:30. Normally, he's easy to get down.

But, if it makes you feel better, this weekend was one of those moments that embittered the relationship between me and my son and will be one of the factors that will lead us to drift apart when he's in his teens and ultimately stop talking to one another.

courtney said...

Yes, you were sorely missed last night. Hopefully Evan will not decide to get sick the day before our next party.

Chris said...

I did enjoy the Christmas-y beer that Mickey bought, although it was sort of lost on my low-brow palate. I would never have known it was supposed to be Christmas-y if I hadn't watched him struggle to cut the red wax off the top.

Jacob said...

I'm guessing it was a liter bottle of Sweetwater Festive if he had to peel off the wax. They usually wax the bigger bottles. In fact, they used to have a bottling day when they bottled the festive and you could go help them bottle it in exchange for keeping a couple of bottles. I got to wax a few the one time I went.