Thursday, February 25, 2010

Circling the Thermal

Photo: kretyen, Flickr Creative Commons

If I were the type to see signs in unusual events, I might be a little unnerved by the 50 or so buzzards circling in the background of my view of the tennis courts. They rise as they turn until they suddenly veer off one by one to glide over us and on to the north. Does this cluster of dark avian symbols bode bad things to happen to my team? Will they lose tomorrow? Will the season be a disappointment? Will one of them be hurt?

But I'm not that type. Instead, I see only a flock of black vultures letting an updraft do the heavy lifting so all they have to do on their way back north from Argentina is to hold their wings out wide and steer. The questions I ask are much less about the future than those of that hypothetical mystic from before. What causes that updraft in almost the same place every February for these birds to ride? This is a rather featureless place, topographically. Isn't that over the airport? Why am I the only one paying attention to this every spring? It's kind of creepy.

Vultures vomit when startled.


Courtney said...

This post popped up in my reader last night, but I couldn't click through to comment on it until this morning. Weird.

I throw up sometimes when startled too, but only in my mouth a little.

Jacob said...

I typed it on my phone at practice yesterday, but wanted to fix it up before publishing. The only problem is that the link for the buttons doesn't always match up with the buttons on my smart phone and I clicked the wrong button and it pubished. It was only up for like 30 seconds. I was a little pissed when I noticed it in my reader last night. My posts usually take hours to show up in my reader and I have plenty of time to take them down when I notice a screwup.

Mickey said...

Vultures are cool.

A Free Man said...

I think they look for the largest concentration (per capita) of Christian conservatives in the world and then take off from there.

Actually that would probably by west and north of you, but work with me.

Chris said...

A great closer. I forget what the rest of the post was about.

Jacob said...

Come on, it was one of my shortest posts ever. How can you forget.

Oh, wait. It was intentionally kind of pointless. Never mind.

Chris said...

I wasn't insulting the post so much as complimenting the closing line.