Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Truth Is Just a Fact with Gravitas

Photo: Cia de Foto, Flickr Creative Commons

Whenever Little Gandhi is being a little shit and making our lives as parents miserable, I like to remind my wife that she was the one who wanted kids.

This does nothing to improve the situation, of course. In fact, it probably makes it worse, but we promised from the very beginning that we would always be honest and open with each other. I'm always true to my word.


Courtney said...

You may want to take the opportunity to remind her that if you guys had another child, that would mean twice the shit. Literally and figuratively.

Julie said...

I would probably take that opportunity to remind you that you agreed to having a child and possibly kick you in the nuts.

Mickey said...

That might be an occasion to just go ahead and subvert the truth. Keep it to yourself, dude.