Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Hot

Photo: Memotion, Flickr Creative Commons

It has been a hot summer here. That's really not so strange. We are so deep in the South that one can't go much farther without entering Hell. The wasps love it though. They cruise my carport by the dozens and plaster their mud huts and paper houses under my eaves and along the rough brick walls. You have to check underneath everything outside before you pick it up or sit on it just in case there is an angry colony hiding out of sight.

I don't think the pond likes this heat so much. Despite the fact that has rained regularly this summer, the oppressive heat stewing up afternoon thunderstorms most days, the pond has receded at least a foot since spring. It's a little strange to see the dry dirt ring showing where the water used to be surrounded by the rich green grass. It looks like there is a tiny intense drought surrounded by plenty. It's just that the pond can't keep up with the sun, which keeps pulling out fuel for those afternoon storms faster than the water flows back in.

It's hot this summer but I don't seem to care as much as I used to. I no longer hate the feel of my own sweat after spending so much time in it this spring and summer spending so much time outside on the move.

I still can't wait for the fall with its football and cooler weather, though.

The sun has set, it's 94 degrees outside, I've dislodged a bracket on my braces after a uninspiring attempt at baking my own pizza crust, and I'm going running.


Sid said...

Hey. So i've been reading your blog for a while and just realised that I have no idea where you live. Somewhere in USA. South Carolina?

I met a guy from South Carolina whilst in Italy. Fell for him instantly. Not sure why I'm telling you any of this.

Julie said...

I can't picture a world in which I would ever go running in 94 degree heat. But more power to you!

Jacob said...

Sid: I'm south of South Carolina and north of Florida, but much closer to Florida.

Julie: You'd be surprised how different 94 after sunset feels compared to 94 in the blazing sun. Plus, I finally got fed up with my slacking on the running since Peachtree. I think I've run twice, maybe three times since July 4. I'm not getting up early enough to run when it's still cool in the morning so I might as well suck it up and sweat in the dusk.

Mickey said...

I'm finding that a pizza stone really helps with making a good crust. I can do okay without one, but the stone really puts it over the top. Also, white flour. Whole wheat or even 50-50 just doesn't get the right combination of chewy/crispy.

Yeah, the heat sucks.

Jacob said...

I actually use a pizza stone for all of my bread baking. The dough just didn't seem to have much lift to it and didn't seem to rise. I honestly think the main problem is that it was just not enough yeast in the mix. I wonder if a night-before sponge would help. Or I could just use more yeast too.

Rassles said...

It's hot here, as well. So much hotter than last summer. Last summer was a breeze, and now I feel like I'm choking.

Courtney said...

So I have to watch out for wasps AND your marauding 3-year-old when we come visit this weekend? Sheesh. South GA is dangerous.