Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Don't Know Why I Used a Fish

Photo: tibchris, Flickr Creative Commons

I've obviously chose not to do NaBloPoMo, or, rather, the decision was made for me. I've literally had about an hour to myself each of the past few days and I've been so goddamned tired during those few hours that I've resorted to switching between lying catatonic on the couch and yelling at Little Ghandi for wanting to play with me.

I did sit him down and apologize for that last bit. I also explained why I did what I did and why he had to be quiet and calm around me that night. The explanation seemed to smooth over his hurt feelings, so I'm not entirely a horrible father, more like temporarily absent.

Of course most of this is my fault. I am not a go-getter. I am not a self-starter. I am a procrastinator. I didn't do a lot for my practicum work in September because everything was due in November. It's now November and I've done nothing except for most of the actual hours I had to be present in a media center. Also, my other two classes don't stop giving assignments just because it's the last month of the classes, so I've got those those on top of the practicum and my unfortunate need to hold down my day job.

Of course I'm just venting. I'm not seeking sympathy. Sympathy doesn't really help, especially when I'm fully aware I only have myself and my inability to budget time efficiently to blame. I'll get through this month and everything will calm down and I'll be myself again.

Also, Meg Whitman lost her campaign for governor of California not because of being a Republican in a more Democratic state or because of her personal missteps, but because she has crappy hair. People don't trust women with hair that limp and lifeless. This theory is proven by the fact that Jerry Brown is bald and Americans also hate the balding. At least Brown has the decency to keep his thinning mane closely cropped. Whitman may have beaten him out if he'd fought vainly against the balding with a bad comb-over. Still, California would never elect a bald man if they'd had something better to choose. They're much too vain for that.


Courtney said...

Crap, my hair is limp and lifeless. I guess that means I'll never be a successful politician.

Oh wait, I don't want to be a successful politician. Carry on, then.

Jacob said...

Your hair's better than Whitman's. She always looked so pathetic. Also, you don't have this slightly pathetic look to your face that she has.

Sid said...

Practicum? I swear this is the very first time I've heard that word. And I'm not entirely sure what a practicum involves ...

Jacob said...

I don't know if schools outside of the US do this, but American universities have advanced professional degrees. These degrees don't require a dissertation for the degree, but replace that with a practicum that requires you to put the theory you've been learning into practice. I have to do 100 hours in a my content area this semester for it. I think most of these degrees are in the education field.

Julie said...

I don't remember what her hair looks like. How am I supposed to vote for the right politician if I don't know what their hair looks like?