Friday, December 03, 2010

It's Over

Photo: young_einstein, Flickr Creative Commons

As of last night I am (hopefully) finished with my masters. That also means that I hopefully will have more time for the blog again. I really need to get back to writing now that I gotten back a significant chunk of free time. It's ridiculous how empty the my Google Calendar looks now compared to the months before it.

I say hopefully because, while I know I have A's in two classes, I technically don't know at all what the grade will be for my practicum. There were no official grades in that course, and the head of the program posted in a class forum that if you were in danger of failing you would have already been contacted. No one contacted me, but then again the person in charge of my section didn't really even bother to respond to half of my e-mails. Maybe that person was supposed to tell me and just didn't get around to it. You know how that goes.

I'm going to assume that I passed, though. I don't have any real reason to think otherwise.

I was trying to put into words my ambivalence about this degree, but I can't seem to keep it from sounding like I'm whining. I think that tone comes across too much on this blog and I don't feel like adding to the negativity today. I just keep reminding myself it may not be the ivory towers of academia that I'm heading toward, but I do get a raise because of it. That ain't too shabby.

Enjoy the ducks.


Mickey said...

Yeah, things could be worse.

Congratulations on getting through it. Now let's hit the trail.

Courtney said...

Woo-hoo! I welcome you to the esteemed master's degree club. We are so much better than everyone else, don't you agree?

Julie said...

Congratulations, Jacob! I think it's wise (as one would expect from a person holding a masters degree) not to expect the degree to change your life overnight, but I do think that it will change the course of your life - in addition to the fact that you'll now be able to afford Starbucks on the way to work.

Jacob said...

Mickey: That's the plan.

Conurtney: Mine doesn't count as much as yours. It's a professional degree, not an academic one. No research required. That's actually where my ambivalence comes from.

Julie: You do realize I'm literally at least 60 miles from the nearest Starbucks, don't you? Ask your hubby. He's been down here for work.