Monday, January 03, 2011

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Photo: Danyael Rako, Flickr Creative Commons

I'll be writing every fourth Monday over at My first post went up today it's about drinking locally. I know at least half of you reading already work on The Greenists in some fashion, but if you don't, go over there and check it out. Even if my article sucks, the rest of the site is worth adding to your RSS reader.

My future posts will be about chickens and volunteering to help maintain hiking trails. After that I'm hoping to get the powers that be to approve a greener way to commit murder. After all, even serial killers should work to decrease their environmental footprint.


Courtney said...

As half of the powers at be, I wholeheartedly support that suggestion. You could talk about what you could use to clean up blood other than bleach.

Chris said...

Bare-handed in the woods (so they can just rot where they fall). Can't imagine a greener way than that.

Jacob said...

Chris, Chris, Chris. The carcasses of large animals cause a lot of environmental havoc when they decay. Dead elephants actually leave dead zones from certain leaking bodily fluids and that completely ignores the potential water contamination problems. Sure, you may assume that animals would completely consume a human body, but in most areas of the Unites States we've ruined the populations of large carnivores and scavengers so it's less likely than it once was.

I haven't researched it yet, but I'm thinking something like feeding the body to pigs would be ideal, although I'd have to see about the potential of disease transition.

Also, Courtney, are you serious? I could probably research this and write a tongue-in-cheek post about it, but is it appropriate in tone for The Greenists?

Mickey said...

I don't know, man. I've had it hammered into my head that the Greenists are all about moderation, and a moderate environmentalist would probably just opt for the old double tap, albeit using a secondhand gun and bullets made of recycled metals. No reason to go all Earth First! on it, right?

Good to have another male voice on the Greenists. Now I can stop apologizing for not doing handbag and eyeliner giveaways in my posts.

Julie said...

There was an episode on Six Feet Under that dealt with burying a body in nature.

You could always take a Shakespearean look at greening murder. How many times can a murderer wash their hands trying to get out that damn spot before they become wasteful?

Usually, if a Greenist highlights a company they love (in an umprompted, they didn't send me samples kind of way), I'll email the company a link to the site. I'm assuming you already did that.