Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey! Look over there!

I'm over at The Greenists again today. This time, I'm giving your liver a break and trying to convince you to keep a flock of chickens. Next month I'm actually planning on trying to convince you to spend a week surrounded by bears while doing heavy manual labor for free. The photo used for The Greenists post (the same as the photo here) is actually one of my black australorp roos surrounded by a bunch of the pearl guineas. The title of the other post is a reference to the fact that both chickens and guineas are the descendants of dinosaurs, which I and Little Gandhi think is freaking awesome. That's right, I'm dropping science with my livestock chatter.

If you'll just go over and read the other post, you'll notice how I mentioned there about hens being relatively quiet and sweet. I didn't bother to mention that guineas are in no way sweet and quiet. They are tremendously noisy, although I am more likely to get pecked in the toes by the hens. That's just because they're friendlier and pecking things is kind of like their version of a dog sniffing you. That's what they do. If they aren't sure what something is, they slam their face against it to see if it's edible.

Sometimes, I know how they feel.

Oh, and the guinea noise thing? Give a listen to my flock just being excited to see me.

That's actually mild by their standards.


Courtney said...

Great job with your post today. I want you to get a goat so you can write about that. Plus, I like to pet goats.

Mickey said...

That noise is actually sort of pleasant in a way. As long as it calms down at night.

Good-looking birds.

Jacob said...

They're like chickens. They're basically catatonic as soon as the sun sets.

Julie said...

I really enjoy my cousin's chickens. They're fun to watch and the egg thing is a nifty bonus. I don't think that Matt would like me raising chickens, though. My HOA would probably have something to say about it, too.