Monday, May 23, 2011

Wish Me Luck

Picture: Wisconsin Historical Images, Flickr Creative Commons

In case you've forgotten, I write a post for every four weeks. So far I've written about chickens, beer, more beer, volunteering on the Appalachian Trail and some toy company. That last post was probably the worst of the bunch in my opinion. Not happy with that piece, but whatever.

My next post will be Wednesday and I'm going to write about bike commuting. However, I'm not going to just parrot the prevailing wisdom on riding your bike to work. I'm actually going to attempt it myself. I have three days of work this week without students so I'm going to ride my bike to work today and Tuesday and base my post around my experiences. I've got my route mapped out. Unfortunately, the road bike I borrowed for this past weekend's triathlon blew a front tire on the way home from the island, so I'm back to my old Wal-Mart mountain bike. If I can succeed in riding to work on that thing, anyone can manage to commute by bike.

In other words, go check out The Greenists on Wednesday and make sure I didn't die, bleeding on the side of the highway.

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mickey said...

I'm too late to wish you luck, but here's what I would have said: Give yourself plenty of time and GO SLOW! The greatest struggle for me in all the times I rode my bike to work (which I did all over Knoxville and in Grand Teton,) was to pace myself so I didn't show up to work looking like one big sweat fountain. You're a sweat machine like me, so it's tough to do, I know.