Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Drop the Mike!

Photo: Aural Asia, Flickr Creative Commons

I got my ass out of bed this morning and rode my bike hard for 45 minutes while watching Weeds. Jacob out! (Drops the mike and walks away.)


Okay. So I suck at being succinct. I can't just let the joke stand on its own legs. Let's just say my post to myself yesterday worked, at least for one day. I did pretty well for the rest of the day and I feel a lot better about myself this morning after getting my workout in.

Also, I haven't felt any tightness or discomfort in my knee since Sunday when I had my MRI. Maybe the massive magnetic fields were all I needed to cure it. Of course, I've experienced this before. If I even think about running it'll start tightening up and I'll start noticing it. I'll ignore it, hoping that the week of pain-free walking meant something, and before I get 100 yards into my run, I'll have to pull up and stop.

But I'm okay now. Worst case scenario is that I'm murdered in my sleep tonight. You know?

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Julie said...

Good job! Might I suggest adding Big Bang Theory to your tv list? I've been watching this in the mornings while I watch out and it is rather amusing. Plus, there are so many seasons to catch up on that it should last for a while - even if it is only a half hour.