Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leave Me the Eff Alone!

Tomorrow is the Blog 365 Day of Rest, and given that I'm such a stickler for dogma and protocol, I won't be tickytackying any thoughts tomorrow. In other words, there's no point in checking back for new content until Saturday. Today's is extra long, so just break it up into chunks to tide yourself over the dry spell.

By the way, my freckles are coming back. I haven't had freckles since I was a kid, but having spent two hours, at least, a day in the afternoon sun for the past month, I'm tanning quite nicely, but the smattering of freckles is arraying itself across my nose just like they were when I was 8.


Julie said...

Don't exlaim at me to leave you alone. You're the one who shows up on my computer every stinking day. Why don't you leave me the Eff alone?!

sid said...

Man did I enjoy reading about your freakles.

Mickey said...

Julie's got a point.

You're tanning in winter? Jealous (not of the tan but of the outside-time).

Meaghan said...

Tanning... Jacob, really? You're getting the motherload of all farmer's tans is what you're getting! By the time June rolls around, you'll be able to walk outside without a shirt and no one will realize you don't have a shirt on!