Saturday, February 09, 2008

McCain is Bad News for Democrats

McCain is the Democratic Party's worst nightmare, even if the far right of his own party thinks of him as their own personal nightmare. Well, not really their worst nightmare. I think most Democrats would be OK with McCain as president on most issues and he's shown in the past that he's not above working with the other party to get things done. It does however provided the Dems with a very serious election problem. With Romney's exit, it's looking pretty likely that McCain will end up the Republican nominee for president, and, with his past record of willingly working with Democrats on a multitude of issues, willingness to tell his own party to kiss off when he doesn't agree with the party line and relatively liberal leanings on some issues, there will be no great rallying cry for liberal campaigners hoping to use hatred of the GOP candidate to get out the left-leaning vote. Bush was despised by the left and if the Democrats could have picked candidates who weren't total tools, he would have been easily defeated by a passionate Democratic base both times. Instead, Gore and Kerry had the combined personality of my left nut (although Lefty is the cool one) and Bush squeaked by both in a close call.

McCain on the other hand, is often respected by those on the left, even if they'd prefer to have one of their own on office. Even though I was disappointed in and baffled by much of McCain's cozying up to Bush during Shrub's unpopular second term, I feel no sense of dread at the idea of his possibly assuming office after baby Bush makes that final transition back to his ranch in Texas to clear brush for the rest of his days. Plus, the hardcore Democrats won't even need a victory of their own to piss off the likes of Anne Coulter and the pill-popping Rush Limbaugh. McCain has already gotten them in such a tizzy that they've already attempted to cannibalize their own best chance at a victory in November. The Democrats really can't lose on this one. They either win and piss off the right, or they lose and the right's own candidate pisses them off.

Still, this makes it that much harder for Obama and Clinton to have a chance in the fall. McCain is didn't have the annoying face of Romney and is turning out to be fairly popular. Sure Obama and Clinton are doing well despite their genders and genetic makeups in the Democratic Primaries even in the South, but in November, they'll also need to pull in voters who don't declare themselves as Democrats at the polls. Then, lacking a penis or having too much melanin could be the difference for undecided voters between the eventual Democratic candidate and McCain, who has both the penis and amount of melanin that voters are used to in their high-profile American politicians.

Maybe McCain should take his rallying cry from a modified version of the Hillshire Farms commercials: "Go (white) Meat!"


Courtney said...

I've heard speculation that Obama will win the nomination because he could actually stand a chance against McCain, while Clinton probably can't. I hope that's the case.

Jacob said...

I think Obama would have a great chance, and I'd love to see him vs. McCain, but the Democrats are idiots. That's why I never call myself one even though I usually vote that way. They picked both Gore and Kerry over charismatic candidates who would have done well with undecideds. I think Hilary gets the nomination simply because the Dems are idiots and underestimate how despised she is by regular people for some reason.

Mickey said...

I'm wary of McCain the warrior. From what I understand, he's a little too interested in coming down hard on Iran in the near future. We already have too many wars.

Besides, he kind of reminds me of Nikita Kruschyev a little bit.

Chris said...

I see your point that McCain might be bad news for Democrats since some on the left might not care to come out and vote against him.

However, might that also mean that the far right will stay home on election day, lacking a hard-core conservative to vote for?

We can only dream.