Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fulfilling Tag-Based Obligations

I was tagged by Meaghan and given that it took me this long to get around to fulfilling the tag, you'd think that I was ungrateful. You'd be wrong. I'm just slow.

On family:
I don't write much about family (it seems that none of us do). I make references to my wife and kid, but only in passing here. Part of that is because I'd rather my connection to this blog not be obvious to anyone who didn't come here knowing this was my blog. Another part is that I've got a reputation as a hardass to keep up here. Kind of hard to keep up appearances when I'm talking about a night playing with a baby and cleaning dishes. Still, my best, in my opinion, foray into family on this blog is my essay about my grandfather. For fans of that piece, I've written a shorter sequel for my guest post on Sid's blog (unless I chicken out and ask her not to run it before she gets around to it.)

On friends: My friends suck, but when I drink, I get maudlin.

About me: Isn't it all about me? That was a rhetorical question, you idiot. You're not supposed to answer. For the rest of you, this post is a good trip inside my head, and surprisingly short for me.

About something I love: My ode to dreaming is a good example of a post about love that doesn't take some pansy cliche turn.

Wildcard: You know what? This post, for me, was both a bit of self-entertainment and a bit of self-mocking. In case you haven't noticed, I tend to only shift into the big words and flowery prose when I'm attempting to be humorous. It didn't start out be conscious, but it is now. I try not to write that way when I'm being serious, mostly because it just comes across as being pompous, and I think it makes a nice contrast to pair low brow humor with high brow writing style. What this post turned into, however, seemed to be something a little. I was surprised (in a good way for once) by the response the post got. Sure, there may be a little commentary on faith in the piece, but I didn't even notice it until I finished writing it.

And now, I tag: Sid, Em, Kate, and two more to be determined later.


sid said...

Your post is up!

I'm definitely going to do this meme. The thing is ... I don't have any posts about my family SO me being me, I might actuall write one just so that I can have a link for that category.

Meaghan said...

Hey, this was pretty short! I'm proud of you.

Chris said...

Call me a sap, if you must, but I still think your ode to your grandfather is one of my favorites. As I commented at the time, it might just be for my jealousy, as I never had especially close relationships with my own grandparents. I love a tribute that can admire a person for their flaws along with their strengths.

Jacob said...

Thank you Meaghan. I appreciate your kind words. (That sounds sarcastic, but I really couldn't think of anything funny to say that didn't sound like I was a total prick.)

Chris: I read this to start with as "Call me asap" which was odd since I'm not sure we've ever actually had a telephone conversation about anything other than organizing or directions for a party or camping.