Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Wandering Fool

K, my mom, and my sister, and I took to the highway today for the one of those massive organized yard sales. This one basically stretches from the middle of the state to the beach and we live about the middle of route. We started from the big site in our town (it seems to be the most active location on the strip even though several much larger towns are part of the route) and then worked our way to the beach. As usual, there were mostly junk sales with used clothes (not sure I'm interested in picking up used clothing at a yard sale unless it's something really awesome (like if I ever find a tan corduroy jacket with suede elbow patches that fits my monkey arms I'm all over it), but it's usually just NASCAR T-shirts and old dress shirts that smell of cigarette smoke. There were a few interesting finds and some were even fairly tempting. Just a few miles down the road from our house someone had 2003 Harley Davidson sportster motorcycle for about $7,000. It looked in good enough shape to basically have just been driving from a distant dealership and that seemed like a really good price. Unfortunately I had neither sufficient funds nor sufficient boldness to seal the deal (or even start talking about making a deal for that matter.)

Later own we found out there's this whole grain bakery and lunch cafe in a nearby town that we knew nothing about. My mom bought some flax seed granola from them (and it was pretty tasty) and we got their card so we'd know where to go for lunch the next weekday that we had off. We may head that way on Friday when we go to file for our passports. Personally, I don't think you should need a passport to travel to another country in which the mainstream accent is almost entirely indecipherable from your own, but our illustrious leader doesn't seem to agree. There's a reason that half of America's best comedians are Canadian and most people don't even realize it.

At the end of the road is the St. Simon's Island location, which is really more upscale arts and crafts festival than yard sale. Unfortunately we got there a bit late and a lot of the booths were closing up, so after a few minutes we headed back to the beach and walked through the edge of the water with our shoes off and our pant legs rolled up. That was probably the best part of the day (until the wind picked up and sandblasted our skin to a stinging, although efficient, exfoliation) if you don't count the green curry chicken and cabbage at the food stand back at home. It was a rather pleasant day of just wasting time.

You know what? This isn't a very interesting or important post. I'm not going to bother reading this one over so if you find any glaring typos or errors, eat me.


Mickey said...

Just one or two.

Meaghan said...

You have big feet. And that shouldn't be taken any other way - just the feet. That is all!

Jacob said...

Mickey, when you die, I'm going to make sure your headstone includes at least one glaring spelling error.

Meaghan, they look much more normal in context. I'm a large man, so large feet are only appropriate. But that old saying about the size of the feet correlating to another body part is total bullshit.