Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Some Drivel

I stood there in the shade of a flat-roofed school building and wondered if I'd spent sufficient time in the sun these past two months to build up enough of a tan to stave off the burn that spending an entire day in the open should bring.



Mickey said...

For some reason this makes me think you should post more pictures, when appropriate. Like a photo of your wicked burn.

sid said...

You're right! This was drivel.

Jacob said...

Mickey: The almost was pretty honest and not just understatement. My arms are a slightly reddish tan. No real discomfort. The only real burn is a small inverse triangle on my upper chest from the fact that polo shirts aren't as close fitting at the neck as T-shirts. It's not even that bad.

Sid: Thanks, but you do realize that it's Mickey's job to cut that deeply, don't you? He may get jealous and begin lashing out at you on your blog now.

Chris said...

Well on your way to a farmers tan. I used to have a farmers tan, but now I'm just pasty white all over.