Friday, March 21, 2008

Stupid Blogger

I just realized that the blog about 10,000 B.C. has a title with two apostrophes (in different font styles even). I can't fix it. When I go in to fix the problem, there's only one apostrophe there. Where the hell is this ghost apostrophe coming from? Why does blogger insist on inserting it into my blog title when I never put it there?

And Mickey, I hope this passes muster with you. It's not really long enough for a blog post, but apparently posting an irrelevant addendum as a comment really disturbs your Nazi sensibilities.


Jacob said...

Hmm. Fixed it. The edit view and the preview view both now show that post as having no apostrophe in "Ive", but it shows up on the actual post now as a single apostrophe and not a schizophrenic quote mark.

Mickey said...

I recall telling you that it's okay to write short posts, especially in light of 365. Content is content. Count it. And how the hell did I become the blog police? Somebody has to keep you honest.

Jacob said...

This one doesn't even count as one of the 365 posts because it was on the same day as a previous post.

You actually seemed to have nominated yourself for the position. I didn't want the job so I just let you take it unopposed. Chris was too politic to even get a vote. I wasn't commenting on the brevity. I've got a few more that are short that I let count without qualm. I was talking about the day I didn't feel like starting a new post and you seemed to have your delicate constitution disturbed by my comment post.