Friday, March 21, 2008

What Happened, Amy Sherman-Palladino?

And for that matter, what the hell, Parker Posey? The guy who used to play Max Medina on Gilmore Girls? Maybe he gets a pass. After all, he was a bit player and may have been a hack all along. Most of the rest of the cast turned out to be crappy actors when not playing Gilmore characters anyway.

I switched to Fox earlier in the evening to watch a Family Guy rerun, and since I was paying more attention to the computer than the TV anyway, I left it there through a couple of King of the Hill reruns and a some other lame sitcom with a really tall dude and Shitbreak from American Pie. After getting over my Stifler flashbacks, I just happened to look up to see the name "Amy Sherman-Palladino" flash across the TV, so I decided to give "The Return of Jezebel James" a chance. Bad decision. This is making me really sad. Gilmore Girls gave me hope for mankind. Such clever, rapid-fire dialogue. Such likable and complex characters. Such obscure pop culture references. Sure the show started sucking the last couple of seasons, but I kept watching for the occasional gem and for the nostalgia of greatness gone by.

Still, how does the creator of Gilmore Girls put her name on this crap? The dialogue is typical sitcom stuff, as are the humorous situations in which the zany characters are placed. The pealing of canned laughter rings out after every lame joke, and I haven't identified a single pop culture reference that I don't get. This show sucks. I hate you Amy Sherman-Palladino. You're just another in a long line of creative people who shattered my dreams by making crap. I hope you get butt cancer.


Courtney said...

Yeah, I paused to watch Jezebel James last week because I was curious about it, and lasted about five minutes before I just couldn't take it anymore. I expected better out of Parker Posey and Amy S-P.

Mickey said...

Yeah, that show is unwatchable. Didn't Parker Posey read a treatment before signing on? She should know better.

sid said...

I love Gilmore Girls. The dialogue is frigging amazing and some of the pop culture stuff is totally over my head. But the dialogue is just plain brilliant.

Jacob said...

I actually sat through the whole thing, half hoping for a turn for the better and half paying more attention to my computer screen. I promise that you didn't miss squat.

Chris said...

Butt cancer. That's harsh.

Speaking of new shows, anybody watch this "Miss Guided" program, produced by Ashton Kutcher? It is a bit offbeat, I guess, but not especially funny or clever. I don't know why I would have expected that, then again.