Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do You Want to Play with My Wii?

Remember that day when I was saying it would be dangerous for me to get up and go to the store because I was wanting to buy Mario Kart Wii and junk food? Well I did anyway and ended up bringing back the game and a frozen pie and ice cream. The pie took too long to cook and cool so I didn't even get to eat it that night, but I did get to play Mario Kart.

And it's better than the one for the GameCube (which is a damn fun game still). While I haven't yet figured out the timing on this one for the turbo start, I have played enough to realize that the controls are more natural (and the option for automatic drifting great for beginners) and the new courses are really fun. There's the course where you drive through under-ocean tubes and a river, the one where you end up flying into a tree and driving around on the branches and some pretty cool more traditional street courses, and a few of the old Gamecube courses redone in Wii splendor. This is just one of those Wii games that is perfectly suited to the new controller system.

In fact, the only thing that would keep keep this version of the game from perfection is that lousy Rainbow Road. I really hate that course. I can't keep from falling off every few feet. Rainbows suck.

Anyway, if any of you have a Wii with Internet connection and want to play me on over the web, let me know. Just let me know the information I need to find your Wii and we'll set up a time to duel.


Chris said...

Geeky gamer.

Kidding, actually this sounds fun. Unfortunately I do not have Wii, much less one with Internet access.

Jacob said...

Chris doesn't have a Wii. Tee-hee!

sid said...

I do read and I would like to comment more often BUT I don't have stable internet access at home. And I've been told that if I want the promotion I have got to stop blogging at work.

So obviously Wii is out of the question.

Julie said...

Rainbow road sucks no matter what the console.

And the timing on the fast start is after the second light but before the third.