Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Again and Feeling Antsy

Sorry to keep you hanging on Tuesday's post. I was having issues getting the videos to finish loading and ran out of alertness last night and time this morning and I just got it posted about 15 minutes ago. If you missed it, check it out. It's the post that vindicates Mickey, not that he needed vindicating. After all, those other posts didn't have the knowledge that I possess now so I resisted the urge to work in future knowledge when typing them up.

Today is my first day not either on the road or in the woods, and it feels strange. I've got this urge to keep moving after traveling more than 800 miles in the car and about 20 miles on foot during the past four days. I should probably spend more time hiking. After my soreness eased up yesterday I actually felt really good and energetic.

Today hasn't been all lazing around the house, though. The Bike Ride Across Georgia rolled into town today and my tennis team was doing a fund raiser, so I've been up there a couple of times today. Interesting stuff. It's an amateur race, although it really does cover some serious territory. It's basically the fun run version of the professional Tour de Georgia. I'm not sure this county has ever seen someone riding a bike around in a racing jersey, much less of hundreds of people, so it's a little surreal driving through town right now.

I'm actually heading back into town in just about 30 minutes. I just came home for dinner before heading back to show someone else how to run the projector and sound system in the auditorium to show the movie this evening. I was responsible for the first movie, but since I have a young child at home, I didn't even get asked to do the later movie. The fact that my young child and wife aren't even in town at the moment (they're at my grandfather's birthday party that I didn't get to go to because of this prior engagement) is irrelevant. It's a good thing that I didn't know they wouldn't be here earlier, because I hate lying.

One little quirk of the day: I'm having a beer with my pizza tonight and the one I grabbed out of the fridge is Highland Shining Rock Lager. That wouldn't normally qualify for the quirk except that it ties in nicely with my hiking excursion this week. After seeing a rather large quartz boulder sticking out of the side of the trail, Mickey mentioned the Shining Rock Mountain in North Carolina and how it's basically topped with quartz. I didn't make the connection at all when buying the six-pack this weekend or when I pulled it out of the beer fridge just minutes ago. In fact, I didn't make the connection until throwing away the bottle when I noticed the topographical map background of the label. I would say that it was the subliminal suggestion of Mickey's reference on the hike, but honestly, it was just a quirk of my beer-buying habits. Basically, if I haven't had it before and it's from a brewery I like, I'm going to buy it. Interesting, though. Fairly tasty beer, too.

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Mickey said...

I don't think I've had Shining Rock Lager but if it's from Highland, it must be decent.

I always feel the same way after a trip: Take a day to get over the soreness, but then the next day I want to take on the world.